"the future belongs to the curious"

We believe games are on the cusp of capitalizing creatively on upcoming technologies. Enabling developers to build a wider range of experiences, and for players to create and contribute. Creating a new world of ongoing, compelling, revolutionary play. We are veteran developers eager to challenge ourselves to understand what is possible. Assembling a team with a variety of experience and viewpoints to make it happen. If you are interested in exploring this future with us, let's go.


Our quest begins in our unique building in the heart of Stockholm's Old Town.

Founded by industry veterans Patrick Söderlund, Johan Andersson, Jenny Huldschiner, Robert Runesson, Magnus Nordin and Stefan Strandberg. Partnered with Nexon, we are a startup unlike most. We are working on several game projects and our technical platform, and we are building our core team now.



At Embark Studios we are all game makers, no matter the role. We are assembling a team with a variety of experiences and viewpoints to shape our company, to help build a wide range of games and tech.
Perhaps you’re an architect, a screenwriter or a mathematician? Or you’re a game maker working with art, design, animation, audio or software engineering. We are also looking for talents in finance, communications, IT and more.

Join the team, apply now.